Modern Luxury - Black & White Shoot

Sometimes when an editorial job opportunity presents itself to you - you take a moment to evaluate. Will it be beneficial? Will it be worth it? Will it lead to  your ultimate goal Then there are some shoots that don’t even require a second thought because they are a no-brainer! You know that the shoot day won’t feel like work - it will be a day of being creative collaborating with a group of amazing creatives. A team you trust + an exciting shoot idea = a good day + great images. That’s how I felt when the Modern Luxury team contacted me about shooting a black and white SS20 editorial story! 


Now working with babies and animals is something you always hear about wanting to avoid.. and while I’ve never photographed babies, I can only imagine how difficult it must be after shooting this! A big big thank you to the most patient and lovely model Daga Ziober. Also to the creative team & dog models - Grey, Ollie and Meeko! 

Im feeling incredibly inspired after a super busy few months of editorials & can’t wait to share more shoots with you all!


Shoot Credits

Model - Daga @ Society Management

Styling - Faye Power

Production - Conor McIntyre

Make Up - Misuzu Miyake @ Art Dept 

Hair - Yukiko Tajiks @ See Management

Retouching - Doctor Raw