Modern Luxury - Black & White Shoot

Sometimes when an editorial job opportunity presents itself to you - you take a moment to evaluate. Will it be beneficial? Will it be worth it? Will it lead to  your ultimate goal Then there are some shoots that don’t even require a second thought because they are a no-brainer! You know that the shoot day won’t feel like work - it will be a day of being creative collaborating with a group of amazing creatives. A team you trust + an exciting shoot idea = a good day + great images. That’s how I felt when the Modern Luxury team contacted me about shooting a black and white SS20 editorial story! 


Now working with babies and animals is something you always hear about wanting to avoid.. and while I’ve never photographed babies, I can only imagine how difficult it must be after shooting this! A big big thank you to the most patient and lovely model Daga Ziober. Also to the creative team & dog models - Grey, Ollie and Meeko! 

Im feeling incredibly inspired after a super busy few months of editorials & can’t wait to share more shoots with you all!


Shoot Credits

Model - Daga @ Society Management

Styling - Faye Power

Production - Conor McIntyre

Make Up - Misuzu Miyake @ Art Dept 

Hair - Yukiko Tajiks @ See Management

Retouching - Doctor Raw 

Danielle Frankel - SS20 Shoot

I’ve always admired fashion designers that think outside of the box. Danielle Frankel is one of them. She has a unique ability to put her personal vision into her work and you can immediately identify that when you meet her. Not only does she have excellent taste - she works incredibly hard on her collections, all while being a female powerhouse - a mother, a wife and a hard working creative all in one. 

Standing on the sidelines of the fashion industry has given me quite a perspective in all areas (not just photography) and has helped shaped my career as a photographer. The designers in the industry are the tastemakers, they are the ones that create the trends or re-visit trends - refueling the creative fire for artists out there like myself. I always say to those wanting to get into the industry “always keep one finger on the pulse of the fashion industry”. It’s not just about shooting great pictures, it’s about being aware of what’s going on around you. What’s changing? What’s the message of the season? What are the biggest trends right now? With all that in mind it’s important to watch designers out there who align with your vision and brand message. Ultimately those are the jobs that are going to bring you the most joy, most opportunity and often the most creative freedom (or what you perceive to be freedom when actually, your visions just align!). 

This shoot was a perfect example of everyone’s visions aligning. Carrie Lauren was creative eye and stylist. Model Liz Kennedy was the perfect girl for the shoot - she has an effortless look about her but always knows how to appear strong in the frame. Hairstylist Ward did magic with the hair and make up artist Victor Henao created beautiful glowing skin that enhanced Liz’ look. 


I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed creating them! You can see the full set at


Photography - Lara Jade
Production - Muzam Agha
Styling - Carrie Lauren
Make Up - Victor Henao
Hair - Ward @ The Wall Group
Manicurist - Kana Kishita
Retouching by Doctor Raw