T&C Collaboration - Style Exposed

I recently collaborated with Town & Country for their September issue as a T&C Muse. The T&C team visited my home in Brooklyn and we talked about my personal style and design aesthetic.

As an artist, my personality comes through in the work I produce, but it’s also very visible in the way I dress + decorate my home.

My home is not simply where I relax — it’s both my work environment and creative playground. My apartment is an open loft-style space with large windows and must be ready to transition from lounge to work space at any given moment (meetings or shoots can often come together last minute!). Living in your work space isn’t easy but it means you have to be clever with the way you design your space. Accessories are the key to making a large space seem more cozy. Minimalism is important, too. I like to recycle and sell clothing — space in NY is a rarity and if my space is clear then my head is clear!

Perigold gives so much inspiration when it comes to decorating your home and it’s perfect for someone who works from their home. The reclaimed wood table by Kosas home is the perfect piece to display your favorite books or magazines. I am a lover of reclaimed wood and my dream space would feature reclaimed wood with a touch of glam (chandeliers + white flowers everywhere!).


When it comes to accessories, it’s no surprise that I favor minimal pieces and clothing paired with a luxurious watch, bag, earring, or necklace.
Breguet is simply all you need to make a whole look appear timeless and memorable. You’re wearing a piece of art. Breguet’s on-trend Reine De Naples rose gold watch works perfectly with the all-gold white look and it adds that simple touch of glam I’m always seeking.

As a photographer who photographs jewelry for campaigns and editorial shoots, I know how important it is for the whole image to speak to the viewer. You want the jewelry to be the focal point of the photograph and to look at an image and say, “Wow, she looks great wearing that necklace” or “that earring really pulls the look together.” Not simply, “That earring looks great.” Buccellati has gorgeous pieces that enhance any look, such as their Rampage Pendant Earrings — the perfect accessory whether you’re dressing for day or night. 


A regular traveler needs a convenient bag and I’m someone who needs to pack everything but the kitchen sink when I travel. While the obvious choice would be to do a large classic over-the-arm bag, it can get very uncomfortable after awhile! Brahmin carries many luxurious and versatile bags. One of my favorite bags while traveling is the Brahmin ‘Belt Bag’ which is a convertible design that can be styled three different ways (I like the fact I can wear this when I’m on a photoshoot set, without worrying where my belongings are!). It’s also the perfect flight companion — I like to keep all of my travel essentials close when in the air.

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Photoshoot Credits: Photography by Kristie Lee, Make Up by Deborah Altizio, Hair by Fibi Shaw