I recently had the opportunity to photograph actress and all-around inspiring lady Anya Taylor-Joy for Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring 18 Issue. From the moment I saw her in the movie 'The Witch' she featured on my list of people I'd love to photograph. Her features are quite otherworldly and timeless. She portrays emotion extremely well - a photographers dream.

Lately I've been really enjoying shooting talent, mainly because it's a very different set up to a typical fashion shoot where the model is in character for your concept. Typically you cast a model around your idea. When you're photographing a personality or talent it's more about them, especially because those photographs are used to accompany an interview or a feature. 

For this shoot for Rollacoaster Magazine I wanted to portray Anya in a timeless way - strong but feminine with an interesting edge - which I often see in the characters she plays. There's always something quite mysterious about her regardless of her role - you are captivated by her image.
Finding out that she was a former ballet dancer really helped me plan the posing methods - making sure her feet were seen in a few of the shots and that her hands were softly placed. In the shots it was important that some of them felt like movie-stills, almost captured in moment even if she's looking at the camera. I wanted the viewer to feel as captivated by the stills as they are when they see her in moving image.

With thanks to the wonderful creative team, 123 lighting, KO Production and also Anya's agents at Beaumont Communications. It was a pleasure working with you all.
Production - KO Production
Styling - Ozzy Shah @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up - Nathalie Eleni @ Carol Hayes Managament
Hair - Carlos Ferraz @ Carol Hayes Management
Prop Styling - Lee Flude @ Carol Hayes Management
Retouching - Monica Chamorro
Photo Assistants - Chris Chudleigh, Tina Eisen and Oscar May
BTS Photo Credit - Oscar May