Recently I was lucky enough to be part of a shoot collaboration with fashion designers Sachin & Babi where model & all around leading lady Maye Musk took center stage - modeling for their FW18 new collection.

A few months earlier I had found Maye's Instagram and was trying to think of a concept I could pitch or figure out a way to shoot her. She was in LA - I was in NY. I needed a reason to reach out to her. I believe that sometimes putting enough energy into the universe results in making things happen and funnily enough - it did. When the designers reached out to me saying they wanted Maye Musk for their next campaign it wasn’t even a question, I was already looking at moodboard ideas and concepts. 

Babi (Sachin & Babi’s creative director) recalls - “We were at the CFDA Awards last year, and out of the corner of my eye, I see this beautiful lady,”. The designers were captivated the moment they saw her and I instantly knew that’s probably what happens when everyone meets her.

The moment she arrived on set all eyes were upon her - with her beautiful silver hair and calming aura. It was less than a day ago that son Elon Musk successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket and I could tell she was a proud momma. I mean who wouldn’t be? 

It’s hard not to want to sit and listen to her for hours when she tells her stories. On set and in-between poses she told me a little about her early modeling career and I found myself wanting to know more. So did my assistants who she happily chatted to in-between shots. I believe that’s how everyone feels when they meet her and I can understand why so many brands and magazines have her as the ‘model of the moment’. She has a story, she looks fantastic and she’s a genuine person - that says it all really.

She moves so gracefully on set and she knows that’s part of the collaboration of getting a great shot - a true model. Today it’s more rare to find subjects who want to engage. It’s not just about the photographer but how well the subject interacts and wants to deliver. 

I am really proud of how this project turned out! 

You can find a video showing the behind the scenes of this project here -