The Fashion Series

I’m so excited about my recent online education series release. The Fashion Series is a two part course that breaks down both the fundamentals and inspirational challenges and is over 16 + hours of content and includes 2 essential PDF downloads on lighting & styling/trends (and more coming soon).

I’ve never before shown my entire process like this and it is very different to any other course out there. In this extensive series I am sharing everything I know. In the fundamentals - I am sharing techniques that I regularly use on set and have learned from my years of working experience in the commercial industry. With the challenge videos - I am showing you it’s possible to create stunning portfolio worthy-images with limited resources. You’ll join me in five different shooting scenarios - ranging from the beach, a rented apartment and a small rented studio space. You’ll see me work step by step from the initial concept and inspiration through to the shoot itself and talking through the final results.

Portfolio building is essential. As a young photographer I quickly built my business and became recognized for my work because of it’s creativity & experimentation. I learnt very early on that consistently building the portfolio helped me find my style and gave me a competitive edge and also a way to pitch to my dream clients. I wish this information was available at my fingertips when I started out.

We live in a competitive creative market and I believe fashion flair is the “magic ingredient” that can be added to your work whether you shoot weddings, portraits or fashion. This modernizes your portfolio and shows that you are touch with current trends.

In the series I also talk through setting your intention with every shoot and how you should be shooting with an “editorial eye” whenever shooting personal work or portfolio building. This is key when showing your work to photo editors, creative directors and appeals to personal clients.

I realized a few years ago that it would be impossible to reach all of you with my in person workshops and with the high demand of requests I put together a course that not only is educational but inspirational - for all levels of photographers. Let me take you on this creative journey as this course is a game changer.