T&C Collaboration - Style Exposed

I recently collaborated with Town & Country for their September issue as a T&C Muse. The T&C team visited my home in Brooklyn and we talked about my personal style and design aesthetic.

As an artist, my personality comes through in the work I produce, but it’s also very visible in the way I dress + decorate my home.

My home is not simply where I relax — it’s both my work environment and creative playground. My apartment is an open loft-style space with large windows and must be ready to transition from lounge to work space at any given moment (meetings or shoots can often come together last minute!). Living in your work space isn’t easy but it means you have to be clever with the way you design your space. Accessories are the key to making a large space seem more cozy. Minimalism is important, too. I like to recycle and sell clothing — space in NY is a rarity and if my space is clear then my head is clear!

Perigold gives so much inspiration when it comes to decorating your home and it’s perfect for someone who works from their home. The reclaimed wood table by Kosas home is the perfect piece to display your favorite books or magazines. I am a lover of reclaimed wood and my dream space would feature reclaimed wood with a touch of glam (chandeliers + white flowers everywhere!).


When it comes to accessories, it’s no surprise that I favor minimal pieces and clothing paired with a luxurious watch, bag, earring, or necklace.
Breguet is simply all you need to make a whole look appear timeless and memorable. You’re wearing a piece of art. Breguet’s on-trend Reine De Naples rose gold watch works perfectly with the all-gold white look and it adds that simple touch of glam I’m always seeking.

As a photographer who photographs jewelry for campaigns and editorial shoots, I know how important it is for the whole image to speak to the viewer. You want the jewelry to be the focal point of the photograph and to look at an image and say, “Wow, she looks great wearing that necklace” or “that earring really pulls the look together.” Not simply, “That earring looks great.” Buccellati has gorgeous pieces that enhance any look, such as their Rampage Pendant Earrings — the perfect accessory whether you’re dressing for day or night. 


A regular traveler needs a convenient bag and I’m someone who needs to pack everything but the kitchen sink when I travel. While the obvious choice would be to do a large classic over-the-arm bag, it can get very uncomfortable after awhile! Brahmin carries many luxurious and versatile bags. One of my favorite bags while traveling is the Brahmin ‘Belt Bag’ which is a convertible design that can be styled three different ways (I like the fact I can wear this when I’m on a photoshoot set, without worrying where my belongings are!). It’s also the perfect flight companion — I like to keep all of my travel essentials close when in the air.


To see more of my #VeryTandC timeless picks for a lasting impression visit https://www.townandcountrymag.com/insider/g22330618/style-exposed/

Photoshoot Credits: Photography by Kristie Lee, Make Up by Deborah Altizio, Hair by Fibi Shaw




A fashion photographer’s career is defined by specific moments. Whether those moments are achieved by pure luck, connections, hard work (or a mix of everything) - it doesn't matter. What makes you memorable is the work you put out there and yes, the eyes that view it.

I define my 10 career as a working photographer as a series of special moments - each one leading to the next big thing. Looking back, If you’d have told me, the fourteen year old photographer that one day I’d be shooting a supermodel for a fashion designer, I would have laughed (loudly). It’s a big contrast to me as a teenager working with what was available to me with little to no money - with my bedroom studio and the local fields/forests as my photoshoot locations, my thrifted wardrobe and props from eBay and the willing friends that appeared in my work.
Little did I know all the hard work would pay off one day and I’d be starting 2018 with some of my most exciting editorial and advertising opportunities.

I have worked with designers Sachin & Babi for over a year now and every shoot we do is an exciting challenge. Not that the shoot themselves are challenging (quite the opposite), it’s more that every shoot is different and keeps me on my toes. I like working with husband and wife team Sachin & Babi Ahluwalia because they get it. They appreciate classic timeless photography but are not afraid to push the boundaries. When they told me that they had secured Helena Christensen for part of their Resort 19 campaign I wasn’t surprised - they know exactly how to talk to their audience and in turn - create an inspiring shoot. It’s so rare nowadays to find clients that have a true appreciation for a timeless image so it’s always nice to work with them knowing that the images will appear in my portfolio (and stay there for a while)!.

Our shoot location was a beautiful industrial art gallery space located in DUMBO (Brooklyn). The space was every photographers dream with textured walls and pillars and huge windows flooded with natural light. Personally I love the mix of glam and raw - to give a contrast. Glam on glam is boring to me - I often find I’m mixing elements to give a dynamic and visually interesting shoot.

Client: Sachin & Babi
Make Up by Anastasia Durasova @ The Wall Group
Hair by Harry Josh @ Statement Artists
Retouching - Sophie Traverse
Photo Assistants - Elizabeth Stemmler and Jacob Skoglund



I recently had the opportunity to photograph actress and all-around inspiring lady Anya Taylor-Joy for Rollacoaster Magazine's Spring 18 Issue. From the moment I saw her in the movie 'The Witch' she featured on my list of people I'd love to photograph. Her features are quite otherworldly and timeless. She portrays emotion extremely well - a photographers dream.

Lately I've been really enjoying shooting talent, mainly because it's a very different set up to a typical fashion shoot where the model is in character for your concept. Typically you cast a model around your idea. When you're photographing a personality or talent it's more about them, especially because those photographs are used to accompany an interview or a feature. 

For this shoot for Rollacoaster Magazine I wanted to portray Anya in a timeless way - strong but feminine with an interesting edge - which I often see in the characters she plays. There's always something quite mysterious about her regardless of her role - you are captivated by her image.
Finding out that she was a former ballet dancer really helped me plan the posing methods - making sure her feet were seen in a few of the shots and that her hands were softly placed. In the shots it was important that some of them felt like movie-stills, almost captured in moment even if she's looking at the camera. I wanted the viewer to feel as captivated by the stills as they are when they see her in moving image.

With thanks to the wonderful creative team, 123 lighting, KO Production and also Anya's agents at Beaumont Communications. It was a pleasure working with you all.
Production - KO Production
Styling - Ozzy Shah @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up - Nathalie Eleni @ Carol Hayes Managament
Hair - Carlos Ferraz @ Carol Hayes Management
Prop Styling - Lee Flude @ Carol Hayes Management
Retouching - Monica Chamorro
Photo Assistants - Chris Chudleigh, Tina Eisen and Oscar May
BTS Photo Credit - Oscar May



Recently I was lucky enough to be part of a shoot collaboration with fashion designers Sachin & Babi where model & all around leading lady Maye Musk took center stage - modeling for their FW18 new collection.

A few months earlier I had found Maye's Instagram and was trying to think of a concept I could pitch or figure out a way to shoot her. She was in LA - I was in NY. I needed a reason to reach out to her. I believe that sometimes putting enough energy into the universe results in making things happen and funnily enough - it did. When the designers reached out to me saying they wanted Maye Musk for their next campaign it wasn’t even a question, I was already looking at moodboard ideas and concepts. 

Babi (Sachin & Babi’s creative director) recalls - “We were at the CFDA Awards last year, and out of the corner of my eye, I see this beautiful lady,”. The designers were captivated the moment they saw her and I instantly knew that’s probably what happens when everyone meets her.

The moment she arrived on set all eyes were upon her - with her beautiful silver hair and calming aura. It was less than a day ago that son Elon Musk successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket and I could tell she was a proud momma. I mean who wouldn’t be? 

It’s hard not to want to sit and listen to her for hours when she tells her stories. On set and in-between poses she told me a little about her early modeling career and I found myself wanting to know more. So did my assistants who she happily chatted to in-between shots. I believe that’s how everyone feels when they meet her and I can understand why so many brands and magazines have her as the ‘model of the moment’. She has a story, she looks fantastic and she’s a genuine person - that says it all really.

She moves so gracefully on set and she knows that’s part of the collaboration of getting a great shot - a true model. Today it’s more rare to find subjects who want to engage. It’s not just about the photographer but how well the subject interacts and wants to deliver. 

I am really proud of how this project turned out! 

You can find a video showing the behind the scenes of this project here - https://vimeo.com/255101196




I've been waiting for this shoot to release for a while!

As a fashion photographer I always have my eye on trends. Whenever I am doing research a specific fashion designer's new collection can instantly trigger a shoot idea! In that moment I am already in hours of research and moodboard creation to try and make it happen! When I saw the Dior Resort 18 collection I knew I HAD to shoot it and that was that! A few weeks later we were finally on set creating magic with our perfectly fitting model - Bhumika Arora. This is quite possibly one of my favorite studio shoots to date!

Model - Bhumika Arora @ The Society Management
Photography - Lara Jade
Styling - Connie Berg @ Kate Ryan Inc
Make Up - Deborah Altizio
Hair - Timothy Aylward @ Atelier Management
Nails by Naoko @ Artlist
Retouching by Solstice Retouch
Behind The Scenes Images - Paul Jun Photography


2017 - A Retrospective

How are you currently spending your end of 2017, or early 2018? What are you planning for the new year?

2017 has been an amazing year of growth for my business - from working on major campaigns with new clients, continuing relationships with previous clients (and growing together!) and also developing new relationships with editorial clients. To all of my clients out there - thank you for putting your trust in my vision!

As a young photographer it has always been a dream of mine to see my work published on the pages of some of the worlds biggest titles and this year I got to do that - with international editions of Harper's BAZAAR and VOGUE. 

I am starting my year refreshed and ready to continue developing my portfolio, working with my commercial clients & continuing to push photography education (with some exciting things to be announced soon!).

Happy New Year to you all and all the best for 2018!
- Lara Jade



I recently had the opportunity to shoot for the July/August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan with the amazing Veronika Vilim (Wilhelmina Models).

I always sit on my editorial shoot ideas and wait for the perfect opportunity – when the chance arrives and it seems like a good time to plan I go full steam ahead in trying to bring that concept to life. Like many artists, I have folders and folders of ideas and mood boards that are just waiting to happen and I always wait for the right time (fashion season) to shoot them.

For this shoot the casting was extremely important because the clothes were strong – the powerful shapes and metallics needed a confident subject in front of the lens. A subject that also understands their own movement and clothing.

Big thank you to an amazing team who were supportive of my vision and not afraid to encourage me to work outside of my comfort zone!

BTS Images by Megan Toriglia

Shoot Credits
Styling – Melina Chen
Hair – Yukiko Tajima
Make Up – Kim Weber
Prop Styling – Alex Brannian
Manicurist – Ami Vega
Retouching – Victor Wagner
Photo Assistant – Jacob Skoglund




I recently shot a global campaign for the May Fair hotel in London and I’m excited to finally share these visuals with you all! This is an international campaign so you’ll probably be seeing the shoot in magazines, newspapers as well as digital and social platforms very soon!
Commissioned by Saatchi Pro and produced by Mana Production, the campaign was created to showcase the lifestyle of the hotel and everything it has to offer – from shopping, weddings and spa breaks.

The unique part of shooting the campaign was getting to work with the hotel staff – who were cast and featured in each visual. We shot all 8 visuals over two days in various locations in and around the hotel.

As a photographer it’s my job to tell a story. As a commercial photographer it’s my job to elevate a brand’s story even if I am working under direction.
For me – the inclusion of hotel staff and using the hotel as the location makes me feel like I am part of a campaign that tells a real brand story – an authentic one.

Ad Agency – Saatchi Pro
Production – MANA Media
Styling – Ozzy Shah @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up – Kenneth Soh @ Frank Agency
Hair – Bjorn Krischker @ Frank Agency